workshop diy events.

Workshop offers an array of DIY based events, teambuilding, parties, activities at your location, weddings and more. We have been doing event planning for over 18 years and have a decade experience with DIY activities for any kind of event. Here are a few ideas of what we can do:

   + DIY teambuilding parties for fun staff outings

   + Holiday parties that your employees will rave about

   + Off site/ in office holiday gift making parties & classes

   + Large scale DIY parties with various DIY  activity stations for      

      of 50-10,000+

   + Product development training for retail companies- dyeing,

       sewing, leatherworking, printmaking & more

   + DIY activities & consulting for large events like music festivals,

      conferences, large events & more

   + Activities for weddings- bachelorette, bachelor, LGBT

      weddings, engagements, cocktail menu development, decor

      making parties & more.

   + Super fun birthday parties from private classes, cocktail

      classes and just space rentals & planning for a fun shindig.

   + Baby showers with interactive activities

   + Just about any party you can think of, we can help make happen!


Past & regular clients include Google, YouTube, Facebook. Clif Bar, LinkedIN,

Treasure Island Music Festival, Dreamforce, Salesforce, Levis, Target, Uber, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, The Gap, Anthropologie and many more.


Our venue is two floors and comfortably handles up to 40 for private workshops, classes, formal sitting events and up to 120 for larger more party style events. There are several larger venues we partner with including the WBU and Ace Hotel.


We do offer smaller weddings that are more casual on site. We also are experts at event planning, create custom decor, DIY for pre wedding parties and even do DIY at weddings to make them more interactive (think live screenprinting of favors, flower crown stations and more). We also create custom wedding decor & design, click here for information. For more ideas and photos please see our pinterest. For a menu and ideas-  contact for more information.