workshop is a fun place with fun people.

Workshop PGH is a do it yourself school that focuses on classes taught by local Makers & Small Business Owners. We offer fun events and teambuilding, DIY event planning & have over 18 years of event planning experience in addition to being DIY experts. We are one of the first DIY schools in the country of it's kind. Workshop PGH is fun, we hire fun people who are great at what they do and we have fun customers who come back class after class. We were born from out of the idea from our first location, Workshop SF.

Workshop was born in 2009 as Workshop SF in San Francisco, CA. Founders Kelly Malone and Davis Knight started it as a place for folks to make stuff, have fun and just to build a rock & roll version of a community center for Creatives. The motto is Drink Beer Make Stuff to represent that vibe of when you get home, relax, crack open a beer and hit your woodshop, garage, sewing room or creative space to just be you and get creative. We wanted that same vibe here where EVERYONE could make. We welcome all and as a diverse business that supports makers with great paychecks for teaching to support their dreams and small business growth- it means alot to us to be supportive to the creative community.

Fast forward to 2016, when co-owner Kelly Malone came to Pittsburgh where she spent her younger years (Ligoneer) for a visit. She fell in love with the spirit of Pittsburgh, energy and most of all Penn Ave. She also fell in love her first night here. 2 months later she moved here. 5 months later opened Workshop on Penn Ave. 8 months later she married Dan in Workshop- they've been at it ever since bringing creative classes and events to Pittsburgh. As part of our mission to support creatives, we pay our teachers $25 an hour to give that same support to them making live able wages. At times this means forgoing profit or even breaking even, but it's important to us to make our teachers the pillar of our business. You can find talented makers from all over. We also work with the Equality Center of PGH on maker nights for Trans & LGBTQ teens, Refugee groups on teaching them to make and offer free space for community groups and more. Diversity is important to us and we embrace everyone here and with a staff of different backgrounds and as a woman owned business- we dont tolerate any form of judgement or hate here, EVER.  Since we do have a diverse staff, be sure to ask folks their pronouns:)

We look forward to making with you<3

-xo Workshop PGH team